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Sunflower kernelsSunflower kernels

Our sunflower kernels – organically grown or conventionally cultivated – are processed for confectionery and baked goods, decorative applications, snacks, cereals and chips, and can be traced back to the field at your request.



Sesame seeds

Choose from among hulled, roasted, or natural sesame seeds from West or East Africa, Guatemala, India, or Paraguay. Are you looking for light-color seeds? Consistently high quality? Pasteurized sesame? At your request, we offer a unique natural hulling process that does not require chemicals. Thanks to our excellent supplier contacts worldwide you have a large variety of products at your disposal.



Linseed can have a brown or yellow color, can originate in Eastern Europe or Canada, and can be organically grown or conventionally cultivated. Our product portfolio offers diverse alternatives. Whether you are looking for linseed in germ-reduced quality or delivered in Big Bags, we are flexible enough to meet your requirements.


Pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds

Our pumpkin seeds can be used in snack bars and cereals. They come from controlled cultivation in Europe or China so you can trace them back to the fields of origin. Quality ranges from snow white to shine skin and grown without shell. Contact us to discuss the product you need.


Blue poppy seedsBlue poppy seeds

Our organically grown or conventionally cultivated blue poppy seeds are used in baked goods and for decoration, whole or crushed and have low morphine content.






Thanks to its high nutritional value, chia is popular around the world. We deliver black or white chia and, at your request, store it in cooling chambers to prolong its shelf-life. Our producers in Latin America and Kenya are certified in accordance with BRC and FSSC and also offer kosher and halal chia.


Walnut kernels

We deliver walnut kernels customized to meet your needs: from Chile or Eastern Europe, halved or quartered. Our IngaAs optical sorting machine ensures your walnuts are perfect and ready for processing.



Pumpkin seed oil, chia oil, sunflower kernel oil,
sesame seed oil, thistle oil

Our natural oils come in a variety of quality levels – cold-pressed, with Protected Geographical Indication, organic or conventional – and are delivered in barrels, bottles or capsules. Contact us to find the oil that meets your needs.




Due to its optimal combination of nutrients, quinoa is an ideal food. We procure particularly large white, red, or black quinoa kernels from organic or conventional origins and, at your request, kosher-certified.




Tahini is a paste made of roasted sesame seeds. Using aromatic sesame seeds from Africa, we produce tahini in the best factory in Europe with state-of-the-art technology under IFS standard. We deliver the sterilized finished product in canisters or glasses for consumption as-is or as a spread flavored with oranges, cocoa or honey.

Hanf NahaufnahmeHemp Products

We can supply the extremely healthy hemp nuts as well as the subsequently extracted hemp protein powder (50 % protein content) and the hemp protein flour (33 % protein content)  –  in organic and conventional quality. Our hemp nuts are grown and also processed in Europe in a factory which meets the highest standards and which is certified according to IFS.