is the result of our reliability


Factors for success

We are committed to maintaining our competitive edge and believe our adherence to the following seven factors is the reason for our success in the market. In addition, these factors guide us in our daily cooperation with our business partners.


Since the inception of our company we have offered the trust, integrity, honesty, respect, and tolerance that we believe have formed the foundation of our efficient cooperation with our customers, suppliers and staff. We truly are dedicated to these values.

Healthy and safe foodstuffs

We offer top quality seeds, nuts, and edible oils – food products which are known to provide consumers with top-caliber nutritional value. As a partner in the food industry, we know about the importance of food safety and we take it to heart.


We go beyond good – we strive for excellence. In addition to being a supplier, we constantly develop our proficiency as a partner and consultant to our customers. We know our customers’ exact needs and stay at their side through changing market influences. In this way we give our customers the opportunity to focus fully on their core business.


We are the optimal partner to our suppliers worldwide: We offer consultation services and we work together with our customers to find new solutions in today’s changing markets. This is how we create close and trusting business relationships.


TAMPICO TRADING GmbH embodies professionalism. We train our uniquely qualified staff members continuously so they can provide highly professional customer support. We welcome new staff members and encourage them to grow within our team where they have the opportunity to achieve their personal and professional goals.


We develop our strengths with innovation. We believe in the importance of what we do and combine our work with the joy of working with people all over the world to ensure continuous growth.

Growth and sustainability

Our business is built on the principle of profitable growth so we can continue to offer our staff and business partners a sustainable future.