is the result of our reliability

About us

Since its inception in 1984, the top priority at TAMPICO TRADING GmbH always has been to provide premium-quality food products with professional customer service. A second generation owner-run family company, our determination and resolution has contributed greatly to the acceptance of seeds throughout the food industry and we have been expanding our market reach ever since.

We leverage our network of exceptional business contacts in global markets to acquire seeds, nuts, and edible oils from around the world. Our continuous adaptation to developments in international markets allows us to source raw materials for the long term.

We select our suppliers with utmost diligence to ensure our customers receive first-rate products that meet our stringent quality standards as well as all statutory requirements.

To our customers we are as much consultants as we are suppliers. Worldwide our clientele includes, among others, wholesalers, packing companies, manufacturers of breakfast cereals, and industrial bakeries. To offer you optimal added value, we make your concerns our concerns.

Our quality management is your security blanket.

We deliver safety – food safety.

Hong Kong

To account for the relevance of China as a key market source, in 1998 we established our subsidiary, Tampico Trading (Hong Kong) Ltd. Our dependable local staff members maintain direct contact with suppliers. They also monitor production and coordinate shipments. In short, they ensure our customers receive high-quality foodstuffs delivered on time every time.